Adventure Story

Adventure Story

Single Player 2D Adventure Game from the Developers of Epic Battle Fantasy Series. A Game by Matt Roszak

Little Phobia

Little Phobia

Developed by Deqaf Studio - Psychological-Horror / Mystery Adventure Game With Original Game Concept

Nick Bounty

Nick Bounty A Case of the Crabs

Epic Quest Game in Dick Tracy Style by Pinhead Games - Nick's First Murder Case - A Case of the Crabs

Nick Bounty 2

Nick Bounty 2 Goat of the Grey Fedora

Official Sequel Goat of the Grey Fredora Nick Bounty by Pinhead Games. Adventure of Mystery and Humor



Set out to solve mysterious abductions in peaceful town of Panselo. Rescue villagers from abductors

Shadow Tag

Shadow Tag

Impressive Graphics and Sound Effects, Shadow Tag Recommended to Play in Full Screen and Lights Out.

Alice is Dead

Alice is Dead Chapter 1

Unusual Room Escape - Puzzle Game by Mike M: 1 Chapter of the Mystery Puzzle Game Alice is Dead.

Alice is Dead 2

Alice is Dead Chapter 2

The Official Sequel - 2rd Game of the Epic Comic Adventure Game Series by Mike Morin

Alice is Dead 3

Alice is Dead Chapter 3

Final Game from Alice is Dead Series - One of the Best Room Escape Adventure Games Ever.

Fancy Pants Adventures

Fancy Pants Adventure: World 1

One of the Best Armor Games Projects: Fancy Pants Adventure - Platorm-Action-Adventure Game

Fancy Pants Adventure 2

Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2

The Very First Sequel to the Legendary Fancy Pants Series: New Features and New Adventures

Fancy Pants Adventure 3

Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3

Final Game from the Series: Also Available to Play on iOS and Android Devices. FPA World 3

Adventure Games

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