Adventure Story

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Instructions: Use the arrow keys to move around and walk up to signs to read them. A – Jump



Epic Battle Fantasy: Adventure Story – the very first game from EBF series, which isn’t RPG like Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and EBF 4. Adventure Story is simple adventure game much like Sonic or other 2D platform games in which you get to jump like crazy to gather coins, open chests etc. There’s some fighting too, considering that huge machete in your hands, there must be… There’s XP too in Adventure Game, not really sure what purpose it serves but hey.

Speaking of jumping around, there’s lot of it in Adventure Story, in fact, it’s all about jumping and sometimes it gets tricky: chasing after treasure chests is fun but you could easily get lost or fall down and die, so be careful. And when you die, the character will spawn at the nearest portal. Oh, that’s right, portals are everywhere in the fantasy world, a bit strange but… The game is actually fun if you have nothing better to do. Though we recommend skipping Adventure Story, go for EBF 3 or Epic Battle Fantasy 4 instead.

Adventure Story

Game Art, Design and Code by Matt Roszak (Kupo 707)
Music – Halcyonic Fancon X
Adventure Story, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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