Alice is Dead Chapter 1

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Click to interact with environment; You can combine items by clicking the first item and then the one you want to combine it with.



Found this game by accident, Escape the Room / Puzzle game series Alice is Dead by Mike Morin. Creepy game rendering and even creepier music in good old fashioned quest/adventure games style mixed with popular “Escape the Room” genre. Like with most Escape games, in Alice is Dead: Chapter 1 game you have some sort of amnesia, have no idea who you are and how you got here. There’s a dead body in the very first scene of the game, which obviously belongs to Alice (Alice in Wonderland). Seems it’s been there for some time now, your task is to find out what happened.

Interacting with game world (taking items and making use of them) is how the game works. For example: you may pick up a little stone and a broken bone, then use stone to sharpen the bone and use the sharp bone to unlock doors. Ironically, puzzles in Alice is Dead game are logical. If you get stuck feel free to use our walkthrough guide, the walkthrough video but we recommend against it. Walkthroughs usually kill all the fun in games like this.

Alice is Dead Chapter 1

Art, Story and Programming – Mike M
Developed for Legit Games

Alice is Dead Chapter 1, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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