All That Matters

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Instructions: Platformer / Puzzle Game Follow In-Game Tutorial



Well done MR. Ali Bati! Great source of melancholy, All That Matters game that has to be played in a “rainy day”. Not being dramatic here… You will know when you hear the music, soundtrack from All That Matters game, which is by the way very beautiful. Psychological puzzle / platformer game . defo deserves your time. “All That Matters” is one of those games, when you simply don’t care how long the game lasts, you play and enjoy.

Multi award winning flash game with out of the box puzzles and rather elegant and slightly confusing gameplay. On the bright side, confusion does not last long: Player gets used to All That Matters game mechanics pretty fast, but this only applies to the mechanics, not the puzzles, all the puzzles in the game are original and bring sense of satisfaction when solved.


All That Matters by Ali Bati

Developed by Ahmet Ali Bati. 2011.
Story: Nedim Murat Gun
Art: Sean Parnell
Voice: Sean Crisden
Music: Jewelbeat
All That Matters, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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