American Racing 2

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Instructions: WASD or Arrow Keys to Drive; Ctrl, Shift or X for Turbo Boost



American Racing 2: Decent sequel to the craziest flash racing game by Turbo Nuke. A lot in the game has been improved: The graphics engine is basically the same however, the colors look brighter and sharper. When it comes to gameplay process, the game has gotten harder (which is a good thing, considering the fact the original American Racing 1 was a bit too easy)

New events, more appropriate than in game 1. Upgrades are pretty much the same but now you get to upgrade your sports car inside your own garage, which is pretty cool. The best part of the sequel is the new cars. You can unlock really cool car like (Rocket Car) by completing all events. Speaking of What’s New in American Racing 2: Sponsors – “Sponsors will come to you as you win certain races. Having a sponsor multiplies up your prize money.”


  • Every Week (Complete Every Calendar Event)
  • Play Time (Play for over 1 Hour)
  • Lap Master (50 Laps Completed in Total)
  • Winner (Win 5 Races)
  • Podium King (Finish in the Top 3 in 10 Races)
  • Booster Maniac (Total Boost Time of 360 Seconds)
  • The Drafter (Draft fo 180 seconds in your Career)
  • Pac Maniac (Hit 50 Ghosts in Total)
  • Destroyer (Hit 500 Objects in Total)
  • The Spin Master (Have a Hand in Spinning of 100 Cars)
  • Traffic Jammer (Hit 500 Cars in Total)
  • Overtaker (Overtake 500 Cars in Your Career)
  • Spin City (Spin off 5 Times)
  • Big Earner (Have $10k in the Bank)

Remarkable achievements system isn’t it? Devs done well on this sequel, American Racing 2 is probably the best racing game at Index Mental gaming website. Good luck and have fun.


American Racing 2

Developed by Turbo Nuke
ART by Robot Jam
Powered by Snake Engine
American Racing 2, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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