American Racing

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Instructions: Arrow Keys to Drive; Shift – Turbo Boost



American Racing – NASCAR type of racing flash game. Almost all the racing games @ Index Mental gaming website are developed by Turbo Nuke and LONGANIMALS. American Racing Series is not an exception. Very unique racing game with unique handling: There won’t be any drifting in American Racing game, in fact the handling and driving in general is so unique, it is completely different even from V8 Muscle Cars game.

Not just driving experience, the game itself is unique in all aspects: for example American Racing is one of the very rare games that begins with qualifying race. Also there are too many tracks and upgrades in the game. This is not to say the game is too hard, in fact, we managed to finish in the position 1/20 from the first try (qualifying race). The prize was $1000. And yes, upgrades in the game cost cash.


Besides the ability to pain the car, check this out, nearly x2 more upgrades than in other Turbo Nuke game or any other racing flash game here at Index Mental:


  • Engine (Upgrades Higher Top Speed and Acceleration)
  • Aerodynamics (Improves Boost from Drafting)
  • Tires (Less Tire Wear)
  • Offroad (Upgrading this affects the speed lose when off the tarmac)
  • Strength (Less Damage Taken from the Knocks)
  • Boost (Improves the Turbo Boost Power)

American Racing is not a regular “Win race to unlock next track” kind of game. Instead of “tracks” there’s an Event system, which is well-organized by developers. And Sometimes instead of regular races you’ll get challenges like popping 75 balloons in a race etc. Might sound a little silly but, on the contrary, all of this makes the game more interesting and more attractive. Wish you luck and don’t forget to check out American Racing 2 game too.


American Racing

Developed by Turbo Nuke
Code and Programming by LONGANIMALS
ART by Robot Jam
Powered by Snake Engine
American Racing, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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