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Instructions: Keyboard Only – Follow In Game Tutorial



Arcuz by Funnavt:  An epic adventure – single player RPG with massive game world and complex skill system featuring achievements and hours and perhaps even days of gameplay time. Arcuz is available to play in 6 Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.  Besides the single player campaign, Arcuz features online Arena PVP game mode in 4 brackets:

  • Level 8 to Level 18
  • Level 18 to Level 28
  • Level 35 and Higher

However, it’s exactly the single player mode, we love about Arcuz, not the arena, especially in 2015 (not many people play free RPG multiplayer games online). Single player adventure is the most important part of Arcuz. It may seem a little overrated when looking at primitive graphics and 500×450 game window. But keep in mind we are talking RPG here, and RPG is has less to do with eye-candy GFX and more with the actual gameplay, take Ultima for example.

Arcuz – Quests and Gameplay

  • Character

Primary and Secondary attributes  for the character: Strength / Agility / Constitution / Luck

Stats: Hit Points / Skill Points / Armor / Magic Resist / Experience / Critical Hit Chance

This is what the character sheet looks like. There are minor differences between Arcuz and other similar RPG games when it comes to character stats but none of it is significant… The game interface is compact and all important features are always at hand: Health Bar / Action Bar and Settings. User interface, just like many other things in Arcuz resemble Diablo game. Three skills already bound to 1-2-3 keys for HP, pots or other items plus 2 extra action bars (where player can switch skills anytime by clicking back and forth arrows).

  • Skills

Skill Tree is the part where Arcuz resembles Diablo the most. And No! these 2 games don’t share the same skills and spells but the build and system is very similar. The amount of skills your character can learn and improve is very impressive: each skill requires 1 ability points. Ability Points are acquired by leveling up.

  • Quests

And again, similarities with Diablo game, even the fashion in which you get new quests is very similar. In order to receive new quest, go to the NPC and initiate dialogue. Press “J” to accept the quest. To pop the quests window press “N”.

While the gameplay may seem a little complicated, it is on the contrary very intuitive and easy to adapt to. Everything you need to know about the game you will learn through the in-game tutorials. Good luck and have fun.

Arcuz Game

Game Design by Zhou Quan, Li Feng, Zhao Shu, Xia Tao
Coding: Li Feng
2D – Zhou QUan, Kuang Tingli
3D – Zheng Zhenggang, Liu Jie
Music by Kevin MacLeod
English Translation: Paul Lauener, Brian Bermack
Japanese Translation: Saki Yoshida
German Translation: Peng Xiaomo, Niels Stephan
French Translation: WANG Yin
Arcuz, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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