Arkandian Crusade

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Instructions: Arrow Keys to Move; Left Click to Select an Attack and Attack / Use Magic / Use Potions


Arkandian CrusadeTurn Based RPG game with not so great GFX but not so bad gameplay. There are some confusing moments in the game like the very first fight that you are going to lose no matter what you do or don’t do. If, however you spend some time reading dialogues, it will all make sense. Now back to GFX, the character models and all the drawings look awful, but tolerable. Especially the character designs – 6 years old could draw better models but this is a free flash game… also everything else is pretty good so no complaining. On the other hand, Map and “outside world” looks better, because of unique solution: vectors and marks so there won’t be any animation while exploring the world, or pretty landscapes, just cubes… Cubes are either empty or they contain treasure or enemies.

Combat System in Arkandian Crusade
  • Attack Power, Hit Chance and Defense

Classic Turn Based combat system involving several attributes such as hit rating and attack power. Also your character, as well as enemies and monsters have hit points and mana power. Depending on attack type you use the hit rating is applied.

Hit Rating With Initial Gear:

  • Light Attack – 78% Hit Chance;
  • Normal Attack 58% Hit Chance;
  • Heavy Attack 28% Hit Chance.

Hit Rating and Attack Power can be increased during the game by upgrading gear, so wasting moves/turns on 28% hit chance attack not worth it, obviously.  Now, this is the interesting part about Hit chance: you can increase it DURING COMBAT (but for current fight only). The more you hit the target with any type of attack, your hit chance will increase with each hit. So it’s recommended to use light attacks from the beginning. There’s a “Defend” in case you decide to skip the turn.

  • Magic Spells and Potions:

Besides the Melee/Ranged Attack, player can use magic attack and potions during combat. Just like attack, using spells and potions will cost you 1 turn. Spells and Potions can be obtained during the game and learned from different sources.

Magical Properties and Caps

Arkandian Crusade Magical Properties

Despite the minimalistic UI Arkandian Crusade has almost everything to offer that modern RPG games have. Fight Enemies > Loot Enemies > Find Chests and Treasure > Upgrade Armor and Weapon > Fight Bosses > Get Epic Loot > Fight More Bosses. So as of 2015 despite the primitive looks, Arkandian Crusade is probably one of the most sophisticated RPG TBS flash games on the net.

Arkandian Crusade

Development and Coding by Terry Brown
Game Concept and Design by Terry Brown
Animation by Keir Brown
Special Thanks to Jorell and Sid
Arkandian Crusade, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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