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Instructions: Left and Right Arrow keys – Move Vaus



Remember the very first edition of Arkanoid game by Taito? Published by Taito and Romstar in 1986 for Arcade box… Oh good old times, they really don’t make games like this anymore. Well thank %^!@ for that, it would be a disaster if they did… Just kidding… or not. Anyway, this Arkanoid game is not a copycat, it’s not just a very similar version, it is the original transported to flash platform and it’s flawless.

If you’re new at Arkanoid, never seen or heard of it before, don’t run away when you see pixel graphics, this game is all about gameplay and not visuals. Just need to remember couple of things like powerups to know how to play the game.

Powerups – When your “Vaus” turns:

RED – You can shoot lasers

Orange – Slow down the energy ball

Grey – Extra life gain

Blue – Expands the Vaus

Green – Catches the Energy Ball

Game concept is simple but it takes skills to play Arkanoid. All you have to do break all the walls and not let the energy ball fall down. It’s like a Tennis or even Pong game if you will, but unlike Pong, Arkanoid is a 1player only. Good luck and have fun.


Arkanoid Game Original

Developer Taito. 1986
Arkanoid, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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