Bloons TD 5

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Instructions: Wait 2 Minutes – The Game is Loading Too Slow | Instructions Explained in-game



You’re going to love this game! However, don’t bother looking up previous Bloons TD games, they’re good but yet still pretty bad. There is no way you gonna play BTD4 or 3 after BTD 5. Now about the game itself: Yeah, Bloons TD 5 by Ninja Kiwi is a classic Tower Defense Game, slightly different from other TD games. For example, even though BTD 5 is a common tower defense, it is like nothing you’ve seen before: it’s not a Sci-Fi so no robots and futuristic stuff, it’s no fantasy so no orcs and goblins. Plenty of monkeys though, and balloons and some darts too!!! Oh and did I mention monkeys? Like tons of monkeys. The game looks like a cartoon, silly… It is though very well balanced, maybe not as well as Gem Craft Labyrinth but still very good. In fact, most people think BTD 5 is a top TD game out there, we disagree but we don’t mind. On the other hand, if you grew up on Blizzard TD, at some point you might not like it.


Bloons TD 5 by Ninja Kiwi

Developed Kaiparasoft for Ninja Kiwi. 2011
Bloons TD 5, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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