Boom Town

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Instructions: Explained in Game



In the beginning you’ll be given certain amount of cash. Use the cash to purchase some explosives allowing you to mine the mountains. Almost everything in Boom Town game, including Mine Carts can be upgraded. But certain items need to be unlocked before you can purchase them. Game mechanics is easy: You select explosives and place them, then press Detonate – Boom! bigger explosives will yield more gold, obviously. It’s important to look out for survey result markets. Player gets 1 free survey per level, if you want more, feel free to buy it in the market.

There are no tricks and shortcuts in Boom Town but some things might help you mind gold more efficiently, for example: Whenever you find a good patch of gold, don’t leave it until you drain it empty. Rest you can figure out as you play Boom Town.


Boom Town Flash Game

Developed for Podge World website. 2012
Art – Sarah Costain
GFX – Jim Chalwin
Code – Carl Trelfa
Boom Town, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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