Bowmaster 2 Prelude

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Instructions: Click and Hold Green Circle – Drag Green Circle Somewhere – Release and Watch Your Arrows Fly



Bowmaster 2 Prelude – The official sequel with “better looking” vectors and MUCH BETTER gameplay. by “Better” we mean more dynamic and more engaging: from the very first level, enemies coming faster than in Bowmaster 1 and also you are free to nuke enemy base from the beginning. Well, actually it’s not that simple: Bowmaster 2 Prelude is much harder than the original game. From the very first level you’ll have to deal with multiple types of enemies (foot soldiers, mages, knights and even catapults), oh and make sure you take out catapults as soon as possible, these machines do the most damage.

Right, and let’s not forget we’re actually playing “capture the flag” in BowMaster 2. So keep an eye on enemies closer to your castle, they going to grab the flag and take it away, prioritize carriers etc. Speaking of flash game cliché, mentioned in BowMaster 1 Review, it was actually the second game that became super popular, not the original.

Bowmaster 2 Prelude

A Game by Lost Vectors. 2006
Programming, Game Design and Concept by Jason Reinsvold
Animation by David Reinsvold, Jason Reinsvold and Vimal’s Peeps
Artwork by Jason Reinsvold, Kris Kowal and Jesse Maccabe
Sound Design and Voice Talent – Jason Reinsvold, Trevor Bortins, Kris Kowal
Theme Music by Marc Anderson
Bowmaster 2 Prelude, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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