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Instructions: Click and Hold Green Circle – Drag Green Circle Somewhere – Release and Watch Your Arrows Fly



About the Game

BowMaster is one of the earliest strategy-shooting flash games assembled using vector graphics by Jason Reinsvold. Game principle is very simple: Left side of the screen is where your castle is located. The opposite side is where the enemies come from. In order to defend the castle you must use the crossbow mounted on the castle using different kinds of arrows against different enemies. See the list of enemies, their strength and weaknesses below. There’s more to Bowmaster game, surprisingly there’s an upgrades system allowing you to improve weapon usage.

Primitive game with simple mechanics, though It’s exactly the simplicity that makes Bowmaster game so awesome. Amazing, incredibly addicting gameplay will keep you chained to your PC for a long time. Good luck, enjoy the game.

Enemies – Enemy Strength and Weaknesses

Standard foot Soldier

Archer – Weakness: Bombs

Catapult – Weakness: Fire

Dragon Scout – Can Dodge Arrows. Weakness: Flak Bomb

Dragon Archer – Weakness: Ice

Ogre – Slow Moving but Slow. Weakness: Pierce Arrow.

Boss – Immune to Slowing Effects, Fire and Ice. Weak to Bomb Arrows, Aim for the Hear.

Upgrades in BowMaster Game

Bow Power (Increases Maximum Range of Your Bow)

Blast Range (Increases Blast Radius of Bomb Arrows)

Blast Power (Increases the Amount of Bomb Damage)

Arrow Damage (Increases the Amount of Impact Damage Done by All Arrows)

Faster Archers (Makes Your Archers Shoot More Frequently.) + Decreases the Loading Time

Faster Catapult (Makes Your Catapults Shoot More Frequently.) + Decreases the Loading Time

Faster Bow Loading (Allows you to Fire More Frequently) + Decreases Your Shooting Cool Down Time

More Fire Damage (Increases How Much Fire Damage Enemies Take Per Second When on Fire)

BowMaster Flash Game

Copyright – Lost Vectors
Developed by Jason Reinsvold. 2002-2005.
Bowmaster, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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