Crystal Story 2

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Instructions: Mouse or Arrow Keys to Move; Left Click to Attack



There was an attempt to imitate Sandbox Game in Crystal Story 2, however due to the extremely limited platform it didn’t work out as planned. Still, Crystal Story 2 is more than a decent sequel – game world looks rich and alive compared with Crystal Story 1. Turn based combat interface did not change much but it is satisfactory.


Crystal Story 2 Game Mechanics

Looting and Equipping Items


This is how the game works: you wonder around the game world and engage monsters. In order to initiate fight, simply move towards the enemies the moment you enter new location. Defeating monsters will earn you gold and SP (Skill Points) as well as items such as weapon and armor and potions. Items are collected / looted automatically after closing the combat window. To equip or use items outside the game-world you need to access the menu clicking on the bag icon. Access Menu Screen and find SP and Equip icons: SP – You can learn skills, spells and abilities using this feature, it can be accessed anytime except during the combat. Keep in mind that your hit points will not recover automatically after defeating a monster. Which means you need to heal yourself using potions. Another way to heal yourself without spending pots is to change the current location (not the single block on minimap, but the base location). Be careful when engaging monsters will low health, some monsters retaliate on your attack before using their own.


Mini-Map and Locations

Map and a minimap work the same way: you don’t see the entire world on the map, only the locations you previously visited (blue blocks). Because of this, finding new locations may take some walking around. Red color on the minimap blocks indicates exit point to new locations. Defeating certain enemies may be required to move on to the next location. Dialogues (cutscenes) between characters do not contain any substantial info but we recommend reading everything, some dialogues may include specifics about new location.

Everything else you will learn as you play… add more members into your party and gear them up, learn unique abilities for each party member etc.


Crystal Story 2

Developed by Emmanuel Salva Cruz
Music by Morgan King
Art and Animation by Tyler Myers
Crystal Story 2, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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