Crystal Story

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Crystal Story – Single Player RPG Game. Yeah, it’s only a flash game but you’ll wish there was a Crystal Story 3,4,5 etc. (There is however Crystal Story 2 at Index Mental) If you really, really like RPG and anime/manga based/styled characters, Crystal Story has a lot to offer! The musical background; character details and the game theme; sophisticated combat system and exploration. Everything we value about single player RPG is right there.

There’s story, the lore, leveling and skill building, turn based fights and huge amount of rooms to explore, monsters to kill and treasures to find. Characters look very impressive in “cut scenes”, not so impressive in actual gameplay, and above all, the gameplay, it’s just awesome! Crystal Story is a must play for every adventurer out there. GL/HF.


Crystal Story RPG Game

Developed by Emanuel Salva Cruz
Music by Morgan King
Crystal Story, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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