Cursed Treasure 2

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Instructions: Click to Select Tower, Click to Build Tower. Everything else explained in game tutorial.



Index Mental <3 Iriy Soft. Every game by Iriy is at level! Including Cursed Treasure 2, however, we expected much… much more of the epic sequel than “this”. All talks about “visuals not being important in Tower Defense games… looks like developers got it wrong. You see, even if the original Cursed Treasure game GFX is more archaic compared with CT 2, The game 1 still looks better because of several factors: 1. Simplicity and 2. Sharper vectors. CT 2 looks awful, because everything is kind blur and it is difficult for an eye to separate objects from one another. We’re not looking at Leonardo da Vinci pictures, we’re looking at game world with interactive objects in it. Not just visuals, gameplay also has many issues, for example: no new towers! But… No point whining about it now, let’s see what Cursed Treasure has to offer.

Cursed Treasure 2 Campaign

Rank 0/51 (level), Progress 0/51, Badges 0/50… Not much different from Cursed Treasure 1 Or the Level Pack However, a lot has been improved like the level balance and tower balance, also now you can actually see the stats for each tower type. Even though towers did not change, upgrades for each towers go farther now with more interesting abilities and powers.

Cursed Treasure 2 Towers



Tower Magic School Description
Den Orc Magic 5 Damage / 1.5 Seconds Recharge Time / 5 Tiles Range
Crypt Undead Magic 5 Damage / 3.0 Seconds Recharge Time / 5 Tiles Range
Temple Demon Magic 2 Damage / 0.0 Seconds Recharge Time / 4 Tiles Range


Weaknesses and strength of enemies was rather fuzzy in previous Cursed Treasure Games. Now it’s different, you can get info about each type of enemy during the game very easy through the popup messages. Skill points system in Cursed Treasure 2 campaign has been redesigned: SP now called Seals. Each rank awards you with 3 seals that can be redeemed to learn and improve skills.

What’ New in Cursed Treasure 2

First of all, it’s the Night Missions, very interesting addition to the game: while in night mode, player is allowed to build towers only in the range of light. Night missions can be fun but sometimes even irritating. Another good addition is the enemy drops, killed enemies often drop Mana Potions. Mana is required to use additional skills and spells during the game, such as “cut out”, “Meteor”.

When it comes to game controls, Iriy Soft has found an excellent solution to game’s speed manipulation: now whenever you want to speed up the game process, you CLICK AND HOLD game speed button, and LET GO to reduce the speed to normal. And finally, the upgrades: 10 unique upgrade for each tower.

There’s more to Cursed Treasure 2, which you are going to learn as you play. In case you need information about anything regarding the game, click the “Evilopedia” inside the game: it contains basic information and tips, Info about towers, enemies, buildings, spells and drops.

Cursed Treasure 2

Iriy Soft
Cursed Treasure 2, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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