Cursed Treasure – Dont Touch My Gems

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Instructions: Mouse only, click stuff to do stuff.



One of top 5 Tower defense games by Iriy Soft: Cursed Treasure – Don’t Touch My Gems, final version 1.05. Patched and balanced, ready to be conquered. An epic td adventure in a truly amazing fantasy world created by Iriy Soft. Why is Cursed Treasure one of the best Tower Defense Game? because:

  1. More than adequate and satisfying leveling system
  2. 3 Magic schools and 3 skill trees to build your character and class.
  3. Well balanced levels and difficulty progression
  4. Unique fantasy world realization; orcs, elves, knights and mages, skills and spells.

You see, unlike most TD games on the net, Cursed Treasure actually makes sense, and first thing that comes to mind is Blizzard TD, father of all tower defense games. Our gamer team agrees that Cursed Treasure is even better than Kingdom Rush Game. But both are fantastic games / game series just like the Gem Craft series.

There’s plenty more to Cursed Treasure game but what’s really important is its simplicity: Even players with no tower defense experience whatsoever would be dragged into the game without even realizing the complexity of RPG/TD mechanics. Cursed Treasure Definitely deserves “editor’s choice” badge.


Cursed Treasure Dont Touch My Gems

Developed by Iriy Soft. 2010
Sponsored by Not Doppler
Cursed Treasure - Dont Touch My Gems, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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