D-Bug Tower Defense

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Instructions: Left Click to Select and Build Towers.



D-Bug Tower Defense is officially the Index Mental Favorite TD Game: Yeah, we know there’s Kingdom Rush and GemCraft series but still and here is the reason why: at the end of the day, when we beat the game or about the beat it (a game that we like) we wish it didn’t end. Even if the game is really huge like GemCraft series… D-Bug Tower Defense is basically impossible to beat, at least in hard mode, besides there’s a freeplay mode after you beat the initial waves. Free Play mode is not always effective and enjoyable, in D-Bug TD however it works perfect.

Just enough amount of towers to make the game really interesting… Each tower with very specific ability, pros and cons. Each tower is strong against certain types of bugs and weak against others. Slowing tower must be used in tactical locations for maximum efficiency, in fact all types of towers need to be placed correctly. The game is super dynamic, no time to relax (unless you pause it). Highly recommended for all Tower Defense fans.

Before you proceed with the game, make sure you read about all towers (its specifications and stats) and the enemies. It is critically important to know which towers to build first, which upgrades to purchase and when. You learn as you play the game but there are things you can find out only if you read descriptions. And one more thing, make sure you start with the first map, (all maps are unlocked by default, but Maps 2-4 are really difficult). Good luck and Have fun, Enjoy the Game.

D-Bug Tower Defense

Developed by Saikat
Graphics by Shovo
Music by Ashik
D-Bug Tower Defense, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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