Dangerous Adventure

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Instructions: Match same color gems to perform attack, more blocks (same color) you destroy, more attack power you get.



So what is Dangerous Adventure and how to play it…? Even though the game is tagged RPG, it’s not what you call garden-variety RPG, in fact the game is 90% unique and also, what’s more important here, the game is very addictive, and very fun to play.

“Five Heroes, Five Dreams One Big Adventure” in Dangerous Adventure RPG flash game by Deqaf Studio: Unique adventure game with very unique gem matching puzzle mechanics (not like Gem Craft). Probably one of the top RPG flash games since Arcuz and Cursed Dungeon. Well, like I said before, Dangerous Adventure is not really a classic RPG, the game mechanics resemble Facebook Bubble Shooter games. On the other hand, there’s dungeon exploration, mages, warriors, priests, orcs, goblins and other monsters; treasures, upgrades and more stuff we often see in classic RPG games.


Dangerous Adventure

Developed by Deqaf Studio. 2014
Programming – Oleg Kostin
GFX – Arkady Skrilnikov
Design – Alexander Vasilyev
Music and SFX – Olexander Dudko

Dangerous Adventure, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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