Digital Origami

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Instructions: Use mouse to fold paper



Shaping figures by folding paper may seem an easy task but it’s not! Of course the flash game Folds Digital Origami Puzzle is much easier than the real thing but even in the game you are challenged to solve some of the craziest origami puzzles you can imagine. Our gamer team had hard time with this one but still managed to beat it in 2 hours with 3370/3400 score.

Levels are not time limited, the only factor that determines your score is the folding accuracy. Basically more accurately you fold papers, more scores you get per level. Max score is 3400. Average player score is 3200, our team managed to score 3370, came really close to perfection. We haven’t heard or seen anyone finishing the game with perfect 3400 score, so the champion title is still not claimed.


Digital Origami Game

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Developed by Bryce Summer
Digital Origami, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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