East Fantasy

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Instructions: Arrow Keys to Move; Z and X – Use Attack Skills; A and S – Use Magic Skills; Up Arrow – Jump



Correct! Square Enix has nothing to do with this game, or the Final Fantasy game for that matter… or anything about the FF franchise. So why publish it then? First of all, there are no Final Fantasy games for flash platform, it’s a fact. Deal with it (except the illegally ported FF I and FF II, that we’re never going to publish). Now to answer the question; East Fantasy or any other game from our “Final Fantasy Games category” somehow resembles FF games, associates with them, reminds you off, etc. For example: East Fantasy looks a lot like JRPG even though the game is set in China (not in Japan) you still get “that feeling”.

Combat system in East Fantasy game is exactly what you’d expect: JRPG style choreographic and action menu with 10 action slots; character Mana/HP Bard… At first it may seem you’re playing a decent/quality 2D RPG game but soon you’ll find out the gameplay is very poor so is the imagery. Animation is surprisingly good but sadly it is not enough to save the overall gaming experience. There are 9 levels in the game, plenty of monsters to kill and the music we highly recommend muting (and again, sadly, there is no option to switch off music alone, you’ll need to mute the entire game). If however, you’re into old FF games like, there’s a chance you might like East Fantasy game.

East Fantasy Game


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East Fantasy, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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