Elephant Quest

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Instructions: Move Around – WASD; Enter Door – Down Arrow; Left Click and Hold – Laser Weapon



“One day, the weather was fine, and everyone decided it was a great day to be outside. Elephant dressed up in his finest bowler cap. While walking through the meadow, that bully wooly decided liked elephant’s hat better than his! Wooly took the hat from elephant, cackling menacingly as he ran away! The Thief! But Elephant knew he had to get his hat back, and he would stop at nothing to get it.”

So you set out to find the stolen hat and get it back at all costs. The game begins like one of those “shōnen” manga stories, though in bright colors and some humor. Except… where did the elephant get that laser on his back remains unclear? In your adventures, you will often meet friendly NPC that may or may not have some information regarding the hat or the wooly or something else. To engage conversation with NPC, go to it and “Press Down Arrow”

Here is the fun part, Press Space anytime during the game and be SHOCKED! See the amount of stats and upgrades? Just like in complex RPG Games. You can increase Primary and Secondary stats using Credits and Ability Points to improve / upgrade them. The moment you encounter first enemy and start shooting at it, you will notice it won’t be a single shot like it normally happens in flash adventure games. In other words, fire power also can be upgraded. So it’s not just jumping around and solving puzzles…

Elephant Quest Credit Points Upgrades Elephant Quest Credit Points Upgrades


Elephant Quest Ability Point Upgrades Elephant Quest Ability Point Upgrades

Elephant Quest is one of our favorite puzzle / adventure games with huge enormous gameplay time and pretty good sequels. The game is obviously built on the same technology as “This is the Only Level” game but it is brighter and more fun to play.

Elephant Quest

Developed by Armor Games
Code and Programming by jmtb02
Music Kevin McLeod
Art and Animation by Jimp
Elephant Quest, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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