Epic Battle Fantasy 3

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Instructions: Keyboard Only – Follow In Game Tutorial



Correct, you’re not going to be seeing EBF 1 and 2 in this website, only 3 and 4. Why? Because first 2 games suck big time. 3-4 are pretty good. Now, let’s see what the Epic Battle Fantasy 3 has to offer: first off, it’s the musical background, which is awesome and very Final Fantasy like, and it also suits the game well. Three Characters in your party: Matt/Natalie/Lance and classic Turn Based combat system by Matt Roszak.

We all know what Final Fantasy series is all about: eye-candy stuff, beautiful images and character designs. Matt Roszak is no Tetsuya Nomura but he did well on imagery and art, besides let’s not forget this is a flash game after all. Besides the eye-candy, there’s this engaging RPG TBS gameplay that is actually better than in most FF games.

Careful when choosing game difficulty level: Make sure you read description for each option because otherwise… For example if you select “Epic” difficulty, the monsters will do 60% more damage and other buffs. Start with “Normal” or even “Easy”, you need to learn the game mechanics before you go crazy. The game mechanics (non-combat) can be slightly confusing, for example you don’t control characters 1 by 1. All three characters are presented as 1, they move as one.


Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Developed by Matt Roszak
Epic Battle Fantasy 3, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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