Epic Battle Fantasy 4

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Instructions: Keyboard Only – Follow In Game Tutorial



Epic Battle Fantasy 4 by Matt Roszak– The game matches Final Fantasy style but it is not affiliated with FF in any way. However, Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is probably the most sophisticated TBS RPG for flash platform. <att Roszak made sure to match the game styling, gameplay, the character design, game world and even music to the original Final Fantasy world, except the music part perhaps, it’s awful really.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Game mechanics is easy to adapt to if you have played Turn Based RPG games before: No keyboard involved, the game is played with mouse only. Just select the command/spell from the action menu and click to use. There’s combat practice level in the game as well as full in-game help. 4 difficulty levels to choose from, go for normal if you have some experience in Epic Battle Fantasy games or in TBS RPG games in general. You start off with 14k gold (in-game currency) but we recommend saving gold for later, skip the market even if you get this notification “There won’t be another shop for a while. Best spend all your money.” That’s a misleading notification, you can get to the second market without having to use any potion easily. But it is up to you really.


Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Developed by Matt Roszak
Noubou Uematsu Final Fantasy I / Final Fantasy IX Themes;
Zelda Soundtracks;
Lightning Kick – Kohei Tanaka – Gunbuster;
The Blue Monday E”R”Ectrial Parade – Gurren Lagann’
Gundam OST;
Gunbuster OST;

** Characters **
Mog – Final Fantasy
Regice, Regirock, Duskull, Pichu and Mareep – Pokemon
Lord Canti – FLCL
Catastrophe – Golden Sun
Goku – Dragon Ball Z

Epic Battle Fantasy 4, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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