First Fantasy

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So, what is First Fantasy and what does it have to do with Final Fantasy games? First Fantasy is a Visual Novel Game, Just like “Fate Stay Night by Type Moon”. But unlike visual novel games, there is far more action and possibilities in First Fantasy flash game, and accordingly much less dialogues. First Fantasy is an RPG game, Text RPG to be precise. And oddly, the game is quite well balanced, but then again, there is no actual combat in the game, most actions happen in in text mode so balancing stats is pure math in this case. No game physics involved, which means, nothing: no environment or anything else can affect and alter the gameplay and combat except the stats and items your character is wearing, you know, just like in good old Text RPG / TBS RPG Games.

Character designs are cute but far from professional level. But hey, the game is free and it’s not trash, so no complaining please. What really sucks about First Fantasy game is the background images, oh and that blur is horrific. Like in most visual novels, characters progress through the game chapters, which generally means “dialogues” but in this case dialogues are not so annoying. Keep in mind, dialogues are important in First Fantasy, if you want to beat the game that is. At some point dialogues indicate to whether or not you should fight the next opponent or to run, as well as many other important things.

And finally, to answer the second question: what’s Final Fantasy has to do with this game? Technically nothing! But it was never supposed to be about Final Fantasy, this category is meant for games that somehow look like Final Fantasy, feel like it.


First Fantasy Game

Developed by “Back of My Mind Productions” 2009-2010.
Producer – Brian Orchosky (Bcdefg123) and “KatRaccoon” Swenski
Coding, Music and Game Script – Brian Orchosky
Script Editing – Chrystine B. Mathers
First Fantasy, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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