Formula Racer 2012

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Instructions: Arrows Keys – Drive; Space Bar – Boost



Whenever you see a Turbo Nuke logo in a flash game, especially racing game, you can be sure it won’t disappoint you… Formula 2012 Racing is not an exception. Formula simulators are very complex even if built for PC / Console but it gets more complicated when it comes to Adobe Flash platform. Which is why it would be silly to expected realistic Formula 1 driving experience on flash… common sense really. Otherwise the Formula 2012 Racing game is pretty good: Plenty tracks, 14 awards (achievements), upgrades and high speed racing, not good enough for you?

Speaking of upgrades: Having enough cash allows you to upgrade engine, handling and boost. Also you can purchase tires for wet and dry weather. Upgrades cost you cash, which is obtained by winning races obviously or loosing for that matter. The game is kind of tough but not really… for example in our first race player had an impression he was about to finish 3rd, surprisingly he took 16th position and $700. Later was discovered the reason why: completely forgot about Turbo, FAIL! On a second race same player took 4th place and $1000 – without upgrades. And finally, on 3rd race – 1st position + $1500. This time with upgrades purchased on cash accumulated in first 2 races. Also, simply upgrading parts may not be enough, adjusting balance between Engine, Boost and Handling is also very important, which is free and can be done at any time.  Formula 2012 is actually quite fun to play. Good luck and have fun.

Formula 2012 Racer


Developed by Turbo Nuke
Art – Robot Jam
Powered by Snake Engine
Formula Racer 2012, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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