GemCraft Chapter 0

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GemCraft Chapter 0: Gem of Eternity – The first original sequel with greatly improved gameplay process and few modernizations. Not as good as Labyrinth or Chasing Shadows but still an exceptional tower defense game. Besides the new stuff, the balance has been improved greatly, as you probably already know, Chapter 1 was much demanding for newbies, which is no longer the issue in Chapter 0.

What’s New in Chapter 0 – Skills and Amulets

Amulets have been first introduced in Chapter 1: Amulets / Awards used as skill points in order to learn and improve skills in GemCraft Chapter 0: Gem of Eternity. In regular TD and RPG games, skill points are awarded when leveling up. In GemCraft games on the other hand, amulet allocation happens through the achievement system, in other words, requirements must be met / tasks have to be completed to gain amulets. There are 5 types of amulets in GemCraft Chapter 0:

  • Battle Amulets (These amulets are easily obtainable but also low rewarding, Battle amulets can be achieved multiple times)
  • Journey Amulets (mid-range amulets that can be obtained only 1ce)
  • Victory Amulets (Mid-range amulets, awarded by winning missions)
  • Shrine Burst Amulets (These amulets can be acquired through the gem sacrifice: high level gems (6+) must be sacrificed in shrines to get Shrine Burst Amulets)
  • Lost Amulets (These amulets are very difficult to obtain. These amulets can be found anywhere in the game and they have the most valuable rewards – XP Rewards)

As you can see, thanks to huge innovations, Chapter 0 is a completely different game. More RPG elements, more complex skills system and upgrades. Index Mental recommendation for beginners is to start from Chapter 0, instead of Chapter 1. Good luck and enjoy the game.

GemCraft Chapter 0

Developed by Game In a Bottle. 2009
GemCraft Chapter 0, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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