GemCraft Chapter 1

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Instructions: Follow the In-Game Tutorial To Learn How to Play the Game.



GemCraft Chapter 1 – The Forgotten – The oldest, the first game from the epic GemCraft series. Slight issues in balance but still an epic game. When we say “Slight issues” we mean it is “no big deal” for those already familiar with GemCraft. For newbies on the other hand, Chapter 1 The Forgotten can be a real nightmare. In other words because of poor balance, Chapter 1 is extremely difficult. Well to be more precise, reaching glowing frame is what’s really hard. You see, unless you reach level 30+ don’t even dream about “Glowing Frames”.

Gemcraft Mechanics and Gems

While the pure concept for the game is classic Tower Defense, it looks different from other TD games we know of: there are no actual towers in its classic sense in GemCraft series. Instead of towers we got Gems / Jewels that need to 1`. Created. 2. Combined and 3. Placed and replaced on towers / from tower to tower. But the towers itself serve as hosts rather than functional weapons. Instead of upgrading towers, player combines gems to make them more powerful. Now let’s talk about gems… There are 8 Color gems in GemCraft Chapter 1 and each color symbolizes a certain kind of element and owns a certain kind of ability:

  • Green Gems (Poison Gems) Poison gems do damage over time (DOT) and are especially effective against bosses.
  • Purple Gems (Armor Reducing Gems) Armor Reducing gems also effective against epic bosses but not so effective in regular fights. The effect of the weakest Purple Gem reduces enemies armor by 1 points.
  • Red Gems (Splash Damage Gems) Splash Damage gems are effective in fights with massive amounts of enemies. Splash Damage Gems Hit enemy target and targets around it.
  • Cyan Gems (Shocking Damage Gems) Special ability of Cyan Gems is shocking (Stunning), in other words shocking hit stuns the enemies for short period of time (3 seconds). Plus Shocking Damage Gems suppress healing in enemies. During this effect the gem will ignore enemy shields.
  • Yellow Gems (Critical Hit Gems) Triple Damage Gems – Very powerful gem with chance that hit will deal three times than normal damage. Chance % depends on gem level.
  • Orange Gems (Mana Regeneration Gems) Player gains certain amount of mana per each hit, the amount of mana gain per hit is determined by the gem level.
  • Lime Gems (Chain Hit Gems) 40$ Chance of Chain Hit, Almost the same effect as Splash Damage.
  • Blue Gems (Slowing Gems) Depending on gem level, each hit will slow down enemies.

Knowing characteristics, strength and weaknesses for each color gems is the key. Simply using any gem and combining to max level is no way to do it. There is no strategy guide or walkthrough to help you learn the game mechanics, it takes practice and hours and hours of gameplay. Good luck and have fun.

GemCraft Chapter 1

Developed by Game In a Bottle. 2008
GemCraft Chapter 1, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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