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Instructions: Mouse Only




GunBlood – western shootout game by Andrew wolf 2010. One of the most played shooting games 2015-2016. King of the flash shooting games, even more popular than Raze and Strike Force Heroes.  Enjoy simplistic game design, 10 characters to choose from and built-in GunBlood cheats mechanics allowing you to activate all kinds of cheats.

Gunblood is not only a shooting game, it is a great way to test your reaction time and reflexes: just like in real western shootouts, you have to be quick and responsive if you want to put down your opponent faster than he does. Keep in mind, simply shooting a bullet first and hitting target, most likely not going to be enough to win a match, you’ll want to aim for the head to kill the opponent, or just put as much bullets in them as you can, as fast as you can. Enjoy the GunBlood game and don’t forget to check our Gun Blood Cheats page for all available cheat codes.

GunBlood Cheats
NOHIT – Make Yourself Immortal
POINTER – Add a laser pointer to your gun
FASTFIRE – Shoot super-fast from your gun
MOREAMMO – Unlimited ammo cheat code

GunBlood, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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