Helicopter Game

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Instructions: Mouse Only – Left click and HOLD mouse to lift the chopper up, let go do descend



Feel free to spam your scores but only with recorded / YouTube links to prove it’s not a fake. Personally, I made it to 3k, after probably 20 tries. I thought it would be a good idea to practice before recording but never even hit 2k after I started recording my games. Thing is, fraps or whatever screen capture software you are going to use to record Helicopter Game, WILL DROP YOUR FPS like a rock. Ridiculous I know, it’s only flash game isn’t it? Nonetheless, try avoiding Fraps and Camtasia Studio. Go for something else instead, like Open Broadcaster software or else.

Okay, enough with screen recording stuff; now about the Helicopter Game by Seethru: Funny thing is, Seethru probably doesn’t even remember the epic Helicopter Game they created years ago. Checked their website, found nothing of Heli game or any other game at all. Also, the truth is Helicopter Game is just as Epic, yeah, Mario or Asteroids. So have fun, enjoy the game.


Helicopter Game by Seethru

Developed by Seethru, ages ago.
Credits, don’t bother checking out their website, domain name has been sold to some other company.
Helicopter Game, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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