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Instructions: Read Instructions Below or Check Out Wikipedia for HungMan Rules.



Everyone knows Hungman game. Well, at least everyone used to know, but now days, not so sure. Perhaps there are some Hung man mobile apps but we used to play it at school using pan and paper. Anyway, Hungman is an excellent time killer and it’s really fun to play with friends, which is probably why the game developer included 2 Player mode in this flash version.

Hungman Game Rules

1 Word to guess is represented in dashes. Each dash represents 1 letter from the word. Rules are simple: guessing player names 1 letter, if he or she gets it right, 1 letter (dash) will be unlocked. If he / she gets it wrong, the other player draws 1 part of hanged man consisting of stick figures. In order to win, player must guess the word before the other player draws the entire hanged man figure.

There are 2 game modes in this Flash Hungman Game, 1 Classic and 2 Russian Roulette, no difference in game rules only in stickman figures.

Hungman Game

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Hungman, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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