Kingdom Rush Frontiers

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Instructions: Click to Build Towers; HotKeys for Extra Spells and Abilities Num1 to 4; Space Bar to Cancel Spell; P to Pause the game



Kingdom Rush Frontiers – latest expansion pack by IronHide Game Studio: The most anticipated game of 2014. Also available to play on iOS and Android phones. In fact, mobile version of the game is just as good as flash version. Mobile Kingdom Rush Frontiers has extra feature “Gems” allowing you to boost combat performance through the in-game shop. Player can buy in-game gold or other accessories that can be used in missions (single use). There are 2 ways to obtain Gems, 1. By doing missions, 2. Buying for RL money. Obviously “Gems” are just another way to make money for developers, but this feature makes Kingdom Rush Frontiers kind of more interesting, because some items from the shop can be really helpful in difficult missions of “Veteran Rank”. Enough about mobile version, let’s see what the real game has to offer.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Gameplay

The gameplay is absolutely amazing, as expected from Iron Hide. What makes it so amazing? Perfectly balanced campaign of course, just like in original Kingdom Rush. Only 4 types of towers or rather 3 towers + barracks is all there is but upgrading towers and branching upgrades allow players to create their own strategy and synchronize towers into different combinations.

Star System rating works perfect in Kingdom Rush Frontiers, thanks to which, playing same missions over and over several times, feels like playing completely new missions, believe it or not, it’s true and this is how it works: While the track is identical, in different difficulty level and game mode the same track is like a totally new stage. Because you see enemy waves don’t come randomly, each enemy in each wave is part of campaign. There are 3 game modes and 3 difficulty levels for each game mode. Challenge Rules for each game mode are different:

  • Campaign Mode: There are 13-15 enemy waves and player has 20 lives. 1 Enemy does not necessarily take 1 life, some enemies (large in size) may take 5 lives.
  • Heroic Challenge: Only 6 elite waves and 1 life total, which is where it gets interesting, Heroic Challenge is obviously harder than campaign mode and it awards player with 1 extra Star / Skill point.
  • Iron Challenge: 1 Super Wave and 1 Life Total. What makes the Iron Challenge even harder than Heroic Challenge is the extra rules that apply to Iron Challenge only, first of all, Iron Challenge of each track prevents using certain kind of towers / towers. And second rule – allowed towers can be upgraded to level 3 only.

The regular campaign as well as Heroic and Iron Challenges can be completed in 3 difficulty levels. “Casual”, “Normal” and “Veteran”. Normal and Veteran difficulty levels respectively limit your resources or make the enemies tougher. In other words The Hardest Game Mode for each track is “Veteran + Iron Challenge”

What’s New in Kingdom Rush Frontiers

We’re going to deliberately skip part about innovations in the gameplay to avoid spoilers, instead let’s talk about new towers in the game. Initial towers are pretty much the same as in original Kingdom Rush. However, tower upgrades change everything: Everything you remember about old towers is now gone, but not to worry, new ones are more effective and much better balanced.

There are also new enemy types, real nasty ones that need to be prioritized, and player needs to build certain type of towers exclusively to counter these enemies more effectively. Some of the new enemy types have enormous amount of health, and some of them have colossal attack, practically one shooting soldiers from your barracks. It will take days and weeks to learn the game completely and even more time to beat all levels in all game modes. Kingdom Rush Frontiers is the best Tower Defense game @ Index Mental gaming website. Have fun and good luck in your adventures.


Kingdom Rush Frontiers

IronHide Game Studio. 2013
Kingdom Rush Frontiers, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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