Little Phobia

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Instructions: WASD – Move (Everything else explained in game)



Little Phobia by Deqaf Studio – Another amazing artsy flash game by Oleg Kostin. Dark and melancholic atmosphere and surrealistic approach. Intelligent puzzles and neat game design = Little Phobia. Rather versatile humor in the game: You wake your character up because he’s about to pee himself in the bed and on your way to the toilet, same strange things happen. Urgent need to pee is gone but you find yourself lost in your own house: toilet doors are gone, everything else is gone but instead there are plants growing inside the house, which by the way are deadly, so do not touch them.

Music in the game is a just too creepy even for this kind of game. Little Phobia is supposed to be a mystery not a horror. On the other hand, there are ghosts in the game and some other creatures that may scare the living %!@# out of you so… The game is fun, recommended for everyone.


Little Phobia Game

Developed by Deqaf Studio
Coding – Oleg Kostin
GFX Arkady Skrylnikov
Game Design Alexander Vasilyev
Little Phobia, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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