Midnight Spooks – The Thing in the Basement

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Instructions: Mouse Only



“Be aware of MR. Spooky, he can be real spooky when  it comes to basement doors”

First thing that comes to mind  – “Scooby-Doo”. Really don’t know why… music perhaps or the characters? Or the “scary” stuff. But Midnight Spooks has nothing to do with Scooby do really. It has to do with Mr. Spooky, spooky basement, vampires, hunted skulls and all that.

Don’t skip the dialogues… Midnight Spooks is not a mindless shooter, you need to actually pay attention to… everything really. And very soon you’re gonna find out this was not an exaggeration at all.  Midnight Spooks, an adventure game by “esthetix” may look silly and childish but most definitely isn’t childish… maybe a little silly. Nonetheless, the game is harder than you may think: puzzles everywhere like good old “Broken Sword” kind of puzzles. Totally enjoyable game if you like adventure games.

Midnight Spooks The Thing in the Basement

Developer: esthetix
Publisher: Mouse City
Midnight Spooks - The Thing in the Basement, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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