Nick Bounty 1 The Case of the Crabs

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Instructions: Mouse to Navigate and Interact with Objects



Remember good old adventure / quest games for PC? Like Broken Sword series? Nick Bounty games are very similar to Broken Sword when it comes to game mechanics, however, when it comes to game world / theme, art and style, you’ll find something of Dick Tracy in there: black and white game design, detective in DT hat etc.

A Case of the Crabs is the first game from Nick Bounty series: Your job is to solve the crabs related murder case (obviously). Navigating character takes some getting used to, you can’t just click anywhere and except something to happen. In each scene there are certain objects / individuals and each of them will react to only certain kind of interaction: Look/Get/Use/Talk/Move/Shoot. Picking up items is easy, simply go to it and click “Get” in your UI. There’s a 12 slot inventory bag for a player to keep items. Make sure you observe and interact with everything before leaving the scene. Good luck solving Case of the Crabs, and see you in Game 2.


Nick Bounty - A Case of the Crabs

Pinhead Games – An Otter Productions
Programmed by Mark Darin
Jason Ellis – Nick Bounty
Directed by Mark Darin
Art and Animation Mark Darin and Jason Ellis
Nick Bounty 1 The Case of the Crabs, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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