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Instructions: Keyboard Only – Follow In Game Tutorial



Yet another Strategy / Balance game PalaDog by Fazecat; not as good as Zombie Trailer Park but definitely better than Bowmaster Prelude. Speaking of “zombies”… zombies are your opponents in the game, which kind of looks silly: mice army commanded by a dog riding a horse vs zombies. But it is designed to look silly and it’s kind of alright. And speaking of silly and laughs, make sure you follow the intro to the end, it’s hilarious!

Paladog is a game of balance and as you already know, the main thing about games like Paladog is combat balance, which in this case may seem a little off in the beginning. But not to worry, first couple of levels are designed that way, they are super easy for you to learn the game mechanics and adapt to it. Paladog game gets more challenging at higher levels. Which by the way is an awesome addition to the genre – leveling system.

If or when you get tired of scenario, there are several game modes 1. Destiny Mode; 2 Escort the Carriage Mode; 3. Battlefield Mode; for you to try, depending on the gamestyle you like most. It is highly unlikely however that you may want to quit the scenario. If you get stuck, visit “Shop & Upgrades” for some cool upgrades and items.


Paladog Game

Developed by Fazecat. 2012
Paladog, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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