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Instructions: Arrow Keys – Move; Z – Jump; X – Attack / Action; C – Use; S – Open Status Screen; Space – Game Options



Phoenotopia is so many things, I don’t even know where to begin: So many people willing to donate for the sequel – Phoenotopia Part 2 and there has been rumors about part 2 being under development but not yet confirmed.

List of few things that make this game so unique and awesome: 1. Dialogue system – Quells spent month’s implementing dialogue mechanism into Phoenotopia, extremely important aspect of each game and especially for the game like this and especially for the limited platform capabilities. 2. Music, did I mention music? Even if for some reason you don’t like the game itself, music in it will keep you chained for HOURS, not exaggerating here, it is true. 3. Old Final Fantasy gaming kind of sensation, full of adventures and even some 16bit drama. 4. Epic boss fights, trust me on this one, you’ll be writing posts about tactics to each boss.

The only annoying thing in the game is a load time; not very fitting for a flash game but it’s a minor detail most players don’t even notice. Despite the minor inconvenience, Phoenotopia is one of those games that promote platforms and not the other way around, even raises from the dead, like it was with SEGA years ago.

This is how we classify Phoenotopia game:

  1. Editor’s Choice – Without a doubt one of the best games in this website, possibly the best.
  2. One of the Best Flash Games – Ever crated: No exaggeration here, even though our website is too young you will notice significant difference in the number of votes and ratings.
  3. State of Art – Phoenotopia is far more than just a game, deserves any art related award out there.

If you enjoyed the game, please visit the developer website ( to support the game sequel, this is one of the very rare moments when we encourage our visitors in such manner. Also, don’t forget to submit your personal review in the comments field, we greatly appreciate your feedback and even depend on it. Thank you.



Developed by Quells. 2014

Music by sillythewilly

Phoenotopia, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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