Portal Flash

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Instructions: AWD – Move; Left Mouse – Launch a Portal



Remember Portal by Valve? “One of the most innovative games of the decade”. Absolutely unique genre presented in FPS + Puzzles and brain teasers. Physics based puzzles set in science labs must be solved by players during the game. A Legendary game by legendary developers now transported to flash, a very rare case when video game: Console or PC game being transported to flash platform…

However, “don’t get your hopes up on that Ed. The cake is a lie”… in other words, Portal Flash is not as good as the big brother. How could it be… it is though not because we get to play small 2D screen instead of fancy 3D GFX. It’s because the physics based puzzles in original portal simply cannot be implemented in 2D, most of them at least. But still, Portal Flash, is probably the most played puzzle flash game of past years. In fact, we’re hoping for sequel to be released but no word yet.

Still, even if you do not expect much of this game, Portal flash version will surprise you. While the GFX in the game is almost 90% vector, the gameplay process and its unique concept won’t let you concentrate on poor visuals, Portal flash is a brilliant puzzle solving game – platformer. Enjoy the game and good luck.

Portal Flash Version

Developed by www.wecreatestuff.com

Based on Valve’s Portal

Code by Ido Tai

Art and Animation by Hen Mazolski

Original Music Producer – Ryan Champion

Interface Designer – Ido Tai

Level Concept – Portal Trailer and Gameplay Movies

Sounds – Counter Strike, Half Life

Portal Flash, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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