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Instructions: Keyboard Only – WAST or Arrow Keys to Move; Down Arrow Key – Action



Not just another puzzle game… Psychout is so much more: real brainstorm from the makers of “Dude and Zombies”. Unfortunately,  we failed to locate any info about “Fun Crow” but these guys are good. Now, about the game Psychout: As the game title suggests, your mission is to escape the mental facility, which is the one and only objective in the game. No enemies to kill, armies to build, only intelligent puzzles, and unique ways to solve them, very original and complex puzzles. You’ll definitely going to love the main character though, who has exceptional balance for a restrained person.

Nothing big, but the soundtrack in Psychout game is very fitting and appropriate. The game is full 2D so don’t expect anything spectacular. It looks good but not too good. I would total gameplay time is around 40-60 minutes, unless you get stuck, which is not very uncommon in Psychout. Good luck n have fun, let us know if you enjoyed the game


psychout flash game

Developed by FunCrow
Psychout, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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