Raft Wars

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Mouse Only


What can I say… it’s fun to play, really is; Raft Wars flash game, even though it looks ancient and built on ancient tech, it really is fun to play. Reminds me a really old game called Worms but not really. Nevertheless, Raft Wars is an amazing time waster flash game with no load times and no annoying stuff. Just click to play and gogo bombard the opponent. Speaking of opponents, I never got past the opponent #1 so, not really sure if there are any more opponents, that’s up to you to find out and don’t forget to mention it down in in a comments field.

How to play Raft Wars? It’s easy, just follow the instructions in-game;. Aim the bazooka and shoot the opponent: the angle of aim and strength determine the trajectory. Also, despite the whole “wars” thing, the game is pretty safe for kids to play.

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Raft Wars, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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