Raze 2

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WASD or Arrow Keys to Move; Mouse – Aim and Shoot; Q/E Weapon Swap F/Ctrl – Use Ability



Raze 2

Raze 2 – 2D Shooting arena game, a war between alien invaders, humans and zombies is now back with even more weapon choice, equipment and skills. Nearly 30 mil “plays” at Armor Games website, impressive number for a 2D shooting flash game. Raze 2 is definitely better than the original game – Raze 1, in all aspects really: while the graphics engine is similar, the overall impressions over the game visuals are far better, besides the gameplay has gone through major changes and more importantly, the balance has been prioritized, which was a major issue in game 1.

Just like before, in Raze 2 you get to play campaign for Humans as well as Aliens. You’d have to complete human campaign to unlock Alien campaign, which is harder. That’s how the difficulty level is managed in Raze 2. Now let’s see what they’ve done to Quick Match: Death Match is still there as you remember it but this time you can specify the conditions for winning and other options before each match for each type of Quick Match:

  • Kills to Win
  • Weapons
  • Special Mode
  • Abilities
  • Equipment

It is actually quite convenient to be able to switch off Abilities or Equipment etc for specific maps / game modes.

2 New Quick Match modes has been added to the game: 1. Domination and 2. Capture the Flag. Capture the Flag is probably the most popular game mode when it comes to Arena Shooters (Quake, Unreal). And while it’s completely different in 2D, still is quite amusing. For each Quick Match player can select how many total players will participate in the match, the difficulty level and also how many teams will participate in the match. See the table for upgrades and weapons below, full list and description of all skills, weapons and upgrade costs.

Skills in Raze 2

  • Resupply - Extra Ammo for Current Weapon
  • Cloak - Turns You Invisible for Brief Period of Time.
  • Static Field - Absorbs all damage taken and reflects the projectiles
  • Emergency Heal - Heal yourself and teammates around you
  • Katana - Sword enemies with sword
  • Grenade - Bomb that bounces of terrain and explodes in 1 second after that
  • Land Mine - Drop a mine that will explode upon contact
  • Teleport -Teleports player to selected location


  • M9 Barret – Initial weapon for all soldiers
  • Uzi – Fast but less accurate automatic weapon, weak at long range.
  • Shotgun – Good range and accuracy, medium damage.
  • Assault Rifle – Most popular weapon in the field – high speed and accuracy
  • .50 Coil Sniper – Heavy sniper rifle designed to pierce tank armor.
  • Loser Minigun – Battery powered Minigun with very high ammo supply and highest fire rate in the game
  • Rocket Launcher – maximum damage weapon in Raze 2, large blast radius.

Raze 2

Game Art – Addison Rodomista
Code – Justin Gonclaves
Raze 2, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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