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Instructions: WASD or Arrow Keys / Space Bar – Jump; Mouse – Aim and Shoot; Switch Weapons – Q/E




A lot of people comparing Raze with SFH series, with a good reason actually, these two series are the rivals and probably the only ones worth mentioning when it comes to Arena Shooters. Some people prefer Raze game over Strike Force Heroes, and some prefer SFH, both games have something to offer and both have flaws. Raze 1 is slightly older then SFH and it’s not as good as SFH when it comes to GFX and visuals.

Both Raze and SFH games are oriented toward character customization like in most arena shooting games. However, unlike SFH in Raze you cannot switch between character classes. The one you make from the beginning is the one you get to play with. Features in Raze character settings are rather for show, at least the most part is. For example Personality feature allows you to set voice – “what type of expressions will your character say during battles”. Then there’s character appearance panel to customize visuals of your character and that’s all. The only useful thing in your profile page is the stats panel where you can track your progress through the game.

There are two game modes in Raze 1 game: Campaign and Quick Match. Campaign is well balanced and interesting. However, just like in any arena shooting game, in Raze, Quick Match is the most entertaining game mode. There are 5 different modes for Quick match:

  1. Deathmatch – Free for all death match, in which every human, alien robot or zombie is for himself. Player with most kills determines the Death Match winner.
  2. Team Deathmatch - Lead your team and get more kills then enemy team in order to win Team DeathMatch.
  3. Elimination - Each player in Elimination mode has a life count, which means last man standing is the winner, in other words, losing all lives means losing match.
  4. Team Elimination – In this game mode, team has a shared amount of lives, and just like in regular Elimination mode, losing all lives means losing match.
  5. Juggernaut – Yet another team play mode. The objective is to defeat Juggernaut. In other words, your team will earn points by killing Juggernaut only.

Play to unlock 10 achievements, there’s plenty in Raze to surprise you and keep you entertained. Make sure you beat the campaign mode before playing quick match modes (not mandatory but recommended). Good luck, enjoy playing Raze and don’t forget to check on Raze 2 and Raze 3 games at Index Mental Gaming website.

How to Play Raze – Tips from Developers

  • Like People all weapons were created equal. They all have their pro’s and con’s.
  • Ducking will improve the accuracy of your weapons, while jumping will reduce the accuracy.
  • The Railgun may seem slow at first, but it can shoot through people, making multikills easy.
  • Direct hits with AOE weapons will always be stronger than just their splash damage.
  • Try to stick grenades onto enemies with the grenade launcher for huge damage.
  • Headshots will do more damage with every weapon. (some weapons more then others)

Survival Tips

  • Keep moving and jumping, the more you move, the less you’ll get shot.
  • If you get stuck with a grenade, try running into the guy who stuck you so it kills him too.
  • Remember to get Shield, Health and Powerups as frequently as you can.
  • Even if you don’t need Shields or Health, picking it up means the enemy won’t be able to.
  • Watch your enemies. They will attack from close or far range depending on their weapon.

Weapons in Raze

There are 10 weapons only in Raze 1 game, all of them have pro’s and con’s and knowing specifics of all weapons is the key to success. All weapon models in Raze game are fictional, none are based on real weapon models.

Magnum T2

Powerful handgun (two handed), power of which equals to assault rifles. Magnum T2 uses small clip.

Bio Uzis

Shots streams of toxic waste and acid, corroding everything it touches, especially effective against armored enemies.

Assault Rifle

Standard assault rifle with clip size of 30, shots 15 rounds per second. One of the most effective and fast weapons in Raze.


Deadly weapon uses projected particle acceleration through untamed beams; Killing enemy with Zapper will melt its insides, however it won’t have any effect on target’s appearance.

Rocket Launcher

This model was specifically designed to for anti-alien vehicle operations. While the Rocket Launcher only has 3 rocket chambers, it reloads all rockets as soon as all three were fired. Weapon is designed for speed and power. Direct hit by RL is deadly.

Sniper Rifle

Very effective against armored enemies. The weapon was originally designed to be used in military operations – shoot through tanks and armored vehicles. In Raze game headshot by the Sniper Rifle is an instant kill.


They call it a “Thundergun”. Weapon built with advanced technology to shoot small conducting projectile at very high speed. Railgun is effective against light armor and organic armor. While the weapons is extremely powerful, it takes time to reload after each shot.

Flame Shotgun

In each shell of Flame Shotgun’s rounds sac of gasoline is fitted, when shot, sacs burst from the shells within the barrel of shotgun, causing gasoline and shells to ignite – producing large flame out of the barrel. Flame Shotgun is extremely deadly in close range.

Plasma Grenade Launcher

Uses grenades that stick to surface, and detonate in 1 second after that. Explosion releases heated plasma that burns everything in its effect area.

Ice Chaingun

Alien technology weapon: uses micro particle decelerator to freeze target. Ammo source of Ice Chaingun is a water. High speed weapon with low firepower.


Concept and Game Design – Addisonr & Juice-Tin
Programming – Juice-Tin (Justin Goncalves)
Art and Animation – Addison Rodomista

Raze, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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