Rebuild 2

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Instructions: Follow the in-game tutorial about how to play Rebuild 2



Dunno about you guys, but we like Rebuild 2 better than Rebuild 3. Sara went all out on a third game, she’s done everything well but it just didn’t work like with Rebuild 2. It’s only been a year since the Rebuild 3 release and nobody even remembers the game. The game 2 on the other hand… Even the craziest gamers who spend 7-8 hours in EVE online or WoW, even these guys find 20-30 minutes for Rebuild 2. Because the game awesome. Rebuild 2 represents a post-apocalyptic world where player has to survive against zombies, scavenge and salvage, build defenses and fight zombies. Zombies are everywhere, plenty of them in Rebuild 2. It’s just a game that speaks to you, unlike the third part, which looks fancier looking btw and lasts longer too but it’s just not a good sequel.


Rebuild 2 Game by Saha Northway

Developed by Sara Northway. Few Years ago… (Hate it when devs forget to mention such an important info)

Art, Code and Design – Sara Northway
Additional Art – Evil Kris
Music – “The Talking Book” by Bill Gould and Jared Blum

Rebuild 2, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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