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About the Game

Rumors have it, the outbreak started in Netherlands, somewhere along with cucumbers and tomatoes, Netherlands exported deadly virus, and they called it “Dutch Flu”. Virus turning humans into undead. Virus spread across the world within days… Survivors banded together to fend off zombies.

Phenomenal strategy game limited by the platform only, exceptional project by Sarah Northway, the very first game from Rebuild series. Speaking of flash platform limits, when we say “build a city” it doesn’t mean you actually build it, the city is already there, you just have to reclaim each building one by one, make it yours, which is important part of the Rebuild Gameplay. Defending city from zombies, scavenging food and resources, building defenses and recruiting survivors is what the game is about. Click the In-Depth Review below for more info.

In-Depth Review

Rebuild Game
Game Mechanics: Actions and Skills

You and few more survivors begin liberating the post-apocalyptic city from undead, killing zombies everywhere, reclaiming territory, building defenses, scavenging for food and other goods. Like in regular strategy games, your camp has a population limit, the survivors need food and the camp needs defenses. In order to recruit more survivors you need to increase population limit. But let’s first take a look at all available actions in the game and see how they work:

  • End DayRebuild is a Turn Based Strategy, you have to give turn to your opponent (zombies) at some point, in other words after you are done with all actions and assignments, you need to click “End Day” button. ONLY THEN survivors will proceed with all the assignments you gave them, (scouting, killing zombies etc). Prior to giving assignments make sure you assess the safety level of each assignment, If for example you are giving a command to Kill Zombies, make sure the chances of survival are 90% or higher, because after ending the day when survivors proceed with given tasks, they might not survive or get injured.
  • Scout the Area – Scouting area / building is the simplest and safest action for a player. You assign 1 of your survivors to a certain building or infrastructure, select it and click Scout the Area. After ending a day, survivor will come back with the information about the building, Info about whether or not there is food or tools to salvage, or survivors that you could recruit and how many zombies are in the building (threat level).
  • Scavenge for Food – Scavenging is the primary source of food, weapon and other goods. Scavenging is one of the skills your survivors can learn and improve. More scavenging survivor does, the higher the skill is (maximum 10). Scavenging skill determines the success rate of the scavenging.
  • Kill Zombies – This is the action you need to be careful with. When assigning survivors to this task, make sure you pay attention to the “Danger %”. Experienced soldiers with high weapon skills can do solo missions but just in case, no matter how many survivors you assign to this task, make sure the “Danger” level is below 5%. Losing survivors, especially in hard mode could get ugly. Dying is not the only problem in Rebuild. Soldiers can also get injured but not die. Injured soldier is out of commission until all the wounds have been healed. Curing survivors is only available if you own “Hospital” buildings. Which makes this building one of the priority claims.
  • Reclaim the Area – Reclaiming area is only possible when all the zombies have been killed inside the building. When assigning survivor to this task, keep in mind the action takes 4-5 days and the survivor will not be available for other tasks during this time period.

Before you begin reclaiming buildings left and right, you need to know few things. Each time you “End Day” you are losing food resources. Which is something player should not forget. Reclaiming buildings and killing zombies if fun but you will most likely run out of food and your survivors will start dying. Which is why it is important to SCAVENGE food before reclaiming each building. Also, important thing is to keep an eye on your population limit: if the limit has been reached, YOU WON”T GET AN OPTION “RECRUIT SURVIVORS” in any building. Therefore it is important to increase the limit. Population Limit – increased through reclaiming new buildings such as “Apartment”.

City Defense

After “ending a day” there’s a chance of random zombie attack on your city. Usually happens in every 4-5 days (depends on difficulty level). To withstand the zombie attack, you need to have city well-defended. City defense is one of the most important factors in Rebuild game. Defense index is determined by the amount of buildings you own and also the types of buildings.  Police stations are the best defensive infrastructure in the game, also Police Station is the only building where you can assign survivors on Guard Duty, thus increasing city defense further. Assigning survivors to Guard Duty means they won’t be available to do anything besides guarding the city. Each survivor assigned on Guard Duty depending on his/her combat skills will increases city defense rate

Reclaim Priorities

Hospital – Priority number 1 is to reclaim hospital as soon as possible. Without hospitals you will keep losing survivors even with good defenses and offenses. Injuries need to be treated even if they are not fatal. Reclaiming 1 hospital is all you need.

Police Stations – Defense is the key to win the game: zombie waves will keep coming but that’s not all, with each turn there will be more and more of them, so you need to keep increasing defenses at all times. Reclaiming 1 Police Station a week should be enough assuming you assign well-armed survivors on Guard Duty.

Apartments – Important building allowing to increase population limit in Rebuild. As mentioned above, when the limit is reached, you won’t be able to see “recruit survivors” options in the option list. The problem is, you can still reclaim all the buildings, in other words, player loses potential survivors.

Farm – Farm is the secondary source of food, and a part of Rebuild infrastructure, it can be claimed just like any other building in the game. You’d have to eliminate zombie threat first and then proceed with reclaiming. Even though Farm is a passive source of food, it is still considered to be “secondary” because there aren’t many farms on the maps, any of maps.

Research Labs – there is no immediate need in reclaiming Research labs, however, useful skills and upgrades can be obtained through research labs. Only survivors with “Science” skills can be assigned in this type of building.

School – School is the unique type of building allowing player to RE-Train survivors into different professions. It’s not a mandatory building and you can pretty much beat the game without having one but sometimes especially in hard modes it can be handy.

Traders and Activities

That covers pretty much everything a newbie needs to know about Rebuild. Just few more words about professions: Don’t bother training more than 2 scientists - that would be a waste of manpower. More scavengers and soldiers is the best way to go. Soldiers are valuable in defense as well as attacking offence.

In every 4-5 days a trader will visit the city offering food or other goods in exchange for something that you own, might be food or weapons or tools. You can either accept exchange or decline it. When it comes to activities and keeping population happy, some “tough” decisions have to be made: for example a dilemma whether or not allow zombie cage fights in the city to keep population entertained on account of increased security risks. It is up to you to decide.


Rebuild Flash Game by Sara Northway

Code, Art and Game Design by Sarah Northway
Music by Julio Kladniew, Dominik Hauser, Bjorn Lynne, Jason Livesay, Alexander Khashkin
Rebuild, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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