Robots vs Zombies

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Instructions: Mouse Only



Robots vs Zombies (Miniclip Version) – Really old but still awesome Strategy / Balance Game by Le You Games. Current version is the final, patched and all bugs have been fixed, except one… in rare cases screen goes black and there’s nothing you can do to fix it, other than reloading page (which isn’t fixing at all). Unfortunately this bug was never fixed and most likely never will. However, it happens extremely rare so there’s nothing to worry about.

Thanks to intelligent in-game tutorial, there’s no need explaining how to play the game in details, it’s simple: Gameplay is 100% similar to Zombie Trailer Park game: You build infrastructure to produce resources needed to train soldiers and build machines. And at the same time you must hire already available soldiers to fend off incoming zombie waves. Spending resources and balance between hiring / building is important. If you overdo with building, you won’t have enough resources to defend your base and zombies “pwn u”.  The objective in each level is to destroy zombie base, obviously. Starting levels are easy and you don’t need to worry about strong units. However, in farther levels you will need to train more powerful soldiers, which means saving resources as much as possible is very important. The game is really cool, recommended for everyone regardless of game genre preferences.

robots vs zombies

Developed by Le You Games
Robots vs Zombies, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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