Screaming Beans

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Extreme Violence involving Heinz Beans

Screaming Beans is so many thing, don’t even know where to begin: First of all it’s a stupid flash game, 11/10 stupid! And at the same time it’s very fun. Or should I say, it’s so bad that it’s actually really good: Some bean tragedy, ninja action and lots of lols. Oh and that Heinz Beans can is so purely processed, it makes me lol, and cry too.

Not much action in Screaming Beans game, and it’s also very short but Simon Pankrucker managed to squeeze the drama out of it (Bean genocide). Wonder if there’ll be a sequel to this game…

Screaming Beans Game

Developed by Simon Panrucker
Screaming by Paul Macmahon

Screaming Beans, 4.1 out of 5 based on 16 ratings

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