Shadow Tag

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Instructions: Arrow Keys – Move



Shadow Tag by Elvidian Entertainment: Creepy little puzzle / adventure game with very impressive GFX and sound effects. Well, calling Shadow Tag game “adventure” is probably a little too much: the game concept is different from regular adventure games. Each stage is 1-2 puzzle long and it doesn’t last long, however the puzzles are interconnected and the game kind of follows some sort of storyline, which is the only reason why we even dare calling Shadow Tag an adventure game.

Let me save you some time… Don’t bother looking for “action” hotkeys or anything else for that matter, you don’t need hotkeys to pick up / use items. If for example you’re trying to pick up something, like keys, just go over it. Using items (in this case Keys) is even simpler: for example – open car doors, just go to the car, simple as that. Game process is very intuitive so good luck and have fun, enjoy Shadow Tag game.


Shadow Tag Game

Developed by Elvidian Entertainment
Shadow Tag, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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