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Instructions: Keyboard Only, Arrow keys to move. Space to Jump. Shift – Shift



Okay guys, love mindfukced games? You’ve got it – Shift by Antony Lavelle. Black and white themed puzzle / platform game published on Armor Games website ages ago. But games like this, even as primitive and awful looking, just never get old. So yea, don’t expect some fancy GFX, better yet, forget about visual aspect of the game, like mentioned earlier, it’s a black and white stick game.

“So… Greetings subject 32763. Welcome to Shift, Your Not So ordinary Puzzle / Platformer and bla bla bla…” Guys, pay attention to notifications when they appear or you’ll get stuck even before you begin playing. Like I said earlier, this game is a pure mindfrak. Good luck and have fun!


Shift Flash Game

Developed by Antony Lavelle for Armor Games. 2008

GFX – Chris Kiko Ignatov
Music – Dan Paladin and Anthony Kakanskas

Shift, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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