Shopping Cart Hero 3

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Instructions: Arrow keys to drive the cart



Yes we know, the game is old, so nuff whining. But guess what? Shopping Cart Hero 3 is still very good, couple of guys from our gamer team play Shopping Cart Hero 3 on their smartphones even today. Because it’s simple, satisfying, and enjoyable and fun, no drama, no zombie slaying no shooting stuff; just a peaceful competition… Plus you get to evolve your character, buy upgrades and obtain cool items.

Game mechanics is not as simple as it first seems: True, nothing difficult about pushing the cart down the hill, jumping in, but the thing is, in Shopping Cart Hero 3 there is no finish. In other words, the more territory you cover per race, the better the results are. Plus you gain extra bonus points by doing stunts, which is not an easy thing by the way. Its real fun guys, try it.


Shopping Cart Hero 3

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Shopping Cart Hero 3, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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