Sierra 7

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Instructions: Just like in all PC FPS games; WASD – Walk; Mouse – Aim and Shoot; R – Reload; RQFV – Change Weapons



Here’s the Sierra 7 Game highlights, feel free to skip the rest: 1. Sierra 7 is THE best First Person Shooter Flash Game, hands down. 2. Flickering mouse cursor will drive u crazy so go ahead change settings in the game configuration menu. 3. Don’t get too excited, it’s only a flash game.

As weird as it sounds, Sierra 7 flash game requires plenty system resources (specifically GPU), so if your computer’s frame rate is low, visit the Game Options menu and reduce the GFX quality, which will affect the CG quality in the game, but…

Now about the Sierra 7 Gameplay: Unique game rendering and very cool looking UI is the first thing you notice (quality game). Game physics is also very good as well as weapon models and sound effects… The grey overlay with screen effect is probably the main reason of FPS drops in Sierra 7 but admittedly, the sacrifice is worth it. Can hardly believe it’s a flash game to be honest, hope this motivates other flash game developers to spend more time and energy on their projects and make even better games, such as Sierra 7.


Sierra 7 Game

Developed by Simon Hason for Armor Games
Sierra 7, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating